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Meet our Ponies


Molly is our therapy certified miniature horse. She came to us all the way from Ohio. She is able to go into hospitals and rest homes. She also makes the perfect unicorn. She is only 29" tall, so she is too small for rides but she loves to be pampered.


Bell is our dependable, easy-going girl. She was our first mini horse and we have loved her ever since we brought her home. We have nicknamed her Eeyore because of her sluggish, quiet demeanor. She loves to eat and has the sweetest face.


Lucy is a great combination of sassy and sweet. We often call her Lucille and she doesn't like to be cuddled or talked to until she has been served her breakfast in the morning. Lucy definitely adds a lot of character to My Mini Pony Party.


Jack is one of our biggest mini horses. He has a heart of gold and is the first one to greet you in the morning with a loud grunt. He is afraid of sewer drains but is as sweet as can be. He and Ella are our matching pair. We bought them together and they pretty much look exactly the same. He even has a crush on Ella.


Annie came all the way from Iowa. She was raised by the cutest Amish family. She is so calm and loves to be with people. She will even lay down and lets kids brush and pet her all day as long as she has grass to eat. 


Walter is more of a dog than a miniature pony. He is very gentle and loves to spend time grazing in the field. He has one dark eye and one blue eye which makes him very unique. 

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