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How to Throw a Magical Unicorn Birthday Party

Unicorn Parties are all the rage right now! There’s something about a unicorn theme that brings magic and happiness to a birthday party. A unicorn party is for girls and boys of all ages. Kids 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and up love unicorns! Here are a few ideas to make your unicorn birthday party unforgettable!


Unicorn Games

One of my favorite unicorn games is a simple ring toss. All you need is an orange construction cone, some paint, and a hula hoop! Paint the construction cone whatever color you want the “unicorn horn” to be. Participants will then stand back and try to toss the hula hoop onto the unicorn horn. Simple and fun!


Bring a Unicorn

Having a real horse at your unicorn party will bring smiles to all the participant’s faces. Children love animals and hiring a pony party company, would bring a real pony to your birthday! My Mini Pony Party offers all different types of packages with Unicorn horns added free of charge.


Unicorn Headbands

What little girl doesn’t love wearing a unicorn horn? Unicorn horns can be cheaply made. All you’ll need is headbands (can be bought at any dollar store), construction paper, scissors, markers, hot glue gun, and glitter. Trace out a triangle for each headband. Let the kids decorate the horn then attach it to the headband with hot glue and you’re done! Everyone gets to run around with their own personally made unicorn horn!



Who doesn’t love party food!? There is everything from Unicorn cakes to fruit rainbows. A company local to Utah, Sweet Serranos makes the most adorable Unicorn cookies and cake pops. They are so cute and totally affordable! The whole package shown below runs around $80.

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